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Tong-Mei Wang Assistant Professor

Tel:886-2-23123456 ext 62508


DDS, National Taiwan University, 1995
MS, National Taiwan University, 2000
PhD, National Taiwan University, 2014

Academy of Oral Implantology, Republic of China  Diplomate   since 2002
Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry Republic of China  Diplomate   since 2008
UCLA Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Dept  Visiting scholar   2008-2009

Professional specialties

Removable prosthodontics, Fixed prosthodontics, Maxillofacial prosthodontics, Implant prosthodontics and biomechanics

Main Research Interests

Biomechanics in designs of dental implant prostheses:

Implant-supported prostheses have been established as acceptable treatment options for partially or totally edentulous patients because of high success rates. However, variable failure rates have been reported and “overloading conditions” are thought to be one of the reasons for implant failure. Finite element analysis and strain gauge method are used to investigate the biomechanics in the different designs of implant prostheses for decreasing the implant failure rate and complications.

Maxillofacial prosthetics:

Patients with head and neck tumors, trauma, or congenital defects usually suffer from great inconvenience in daily life and social activities. Now thanks to new techniques developed such as varied free flaps or grafts, intensity modulated radiotherapy, CT guided implant surgery and facial implants, those patients have chances to improved their life quality. Through interdisciplinary approach and team work, maxillofacial prosthodontists cooperate with other specialists to help patients. Maxillofacial rehabilitation could be performed to improve the patients’ esthetics, phonation, mastication and swallowing.

Selected Publications

  1. Yang TC, Chen YC, Wang TM and Lin LD (2017). Influence of Implant Number and Location on Strain Around an Implant Combined with Force Transferred to the Palate in Maxillary Overdentures. International Journal of Prosthodontics 30: 286-288. (SCI)
  2. Chang MC, Hung HP, Lin LD, Shyu YC, Wang TM, Lin HJ, Chan CP, Huang CC and Jeng JH (2015). Effect of interleukin-1 beta on ICAM-1 expression of dental pulp cells: role of PI3K/Akt, MEK/ERK, and cyclooxygenase. Clinical Oral Investigations 19:117-126.(SCI)
  3. Wang TM, Lee MS, Wang JS and Lin LD (2015). The Effect of Implant Design and Bone Quality on Insertion Torque, Resonance Frequency Analysis, and Insertion Energy During Implant Placement in Low or Low- to Medium-Density Bone. International Journal of Prosthodontics 28: 40-47. (SCI)
  4. Trappey CV, Trappey AJC, Peng HY, Lin LD and Wang TM (2014). A knowledge centric methodology for dental implant technology assessment using ontology based patent analysis and clinical meta-analysis. Advanced Engineering Informatics 28: 153-165. (SCI)
  5. Wang TM and Lin LD (2013). A NOVEL FIELD BARRIER METHOD FOR PATIENTS WITH AN IMPAIRED GLOSSOPALATAL SEAL. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 109: 206-207. (SCI)
  6. Chang MC, Lin LD, Chuang FH, Chan CP, Wang TM, Lee JJ, Jeng PY, Tseng WY, Lin HJ, Jeng JH (2012). Carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cells: Role in regulation of BisGMA-induced prostanoid production and cytotoxicity. Acta Biomaterialia 8(3):1380-87. (SCI)
  7. Chang MC, Lin LD, Chang JZC, Huang CF, Chuang FH, Lee JJ, Jeng PY, Wang TM, Jeng JH (2012). Regulation of Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 in Dental Pulp Cells by Interleukin-1 beta: The Role of Prostanoids. Journal of Endodontics 38(6):774-79. (SCI)
  8. Wang TM, Chang HH, Ho Y, Lin LD (2012). “Screw hole positioning guide” and “plate positioning guide”: A novel method to assist mandibular reconstruction. Journal of Dental Sciences (Accepted) (SCI)
  9. Chang HH, Chang MC, Lin LD, Lee JJ, Wang TM, Huang CH, Yang TT, Lin HJ, Jeng JH (2010). The mechanisms of cytotoxicity of urethane dimethacrylate to Chinese hamster ovary cells. Biomaterials 31(27):6917-25. (SCI)
  10. Chang MC, Chen LI, Chan CP, Lee JJ, Wang TM, Yang TT, Lin PS, Lin HJ, Chang HH, Jeng JH (2010). The role of reactive oxygen species and hemeoxygenase-1 expression in the cytotoxicity, cell cycle alteration and apoptosis of dental pulp cells induced by BisGMA. Biomaterials 31(32):8164-71. (SCI)

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